The INFINITY TRILOGY by Brennan & White

A trilogy of musical, theatrical work for evolving artists and audiences.

“Despite decades, perhaps centuries, of dire predictions about theater’s longevity, I just saw convincing evidence its future is assured. The proof was on stage every minute “ALiEN8,” a musical by Kate Brennan and David Lee White, was being performed at New Hope’s Bucks County Playhouse last weekend.” – Read the full review in US 1 here.

“ALiEN8 is a force to be reckoned with and a reminder that GREAT art is being produced all over the country. David Lee White and Kate Brennan have written a musical that features young people at the heart and center with actual opinions and an actual voice. This piece is creating inter generational conversations about gender and sexuality but most all, love and acceptance.” – Director Jorge William Donoso

Clean Slate

“Clean Slate is a benevolent, intelligent piece geared toward audiences of any age, and the rehearsal room was a dynamic place, where change was a constant and we were frequently reminded that the piece was learning and evolving. It felt really good to see Kate and David ceaselessly adjusting and improving, and to be involved in that curious, exploratory creative spirit. ” – Erik Hamilton, Herc, Ignition Arts workshop 2019

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Brennan & White in 2023

After a number of productions of ALiEN8, and two workshops for CLEAN SLATE, in 2022, our work continues in 2023. Cushing Academy recently closed their outstanding production of ALiEN8 and CLEAN SLATE premiered as a co-production between Passage Theatre and Rider University. In May, CLEAN SLATE will receive its second production at Boston University Academy. … Continue reading Brennan & White in 2023

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