These plays by Brennan and/or White feature roles for evolving artists between the ages of 12 and 25. You may download sample pages of the scripts. If you’re interested in full perusal scripts, contact us at

CHRISTMAS SHOW TBA (A play with a little music) by Brennan & White

CAST: 12 F

What do A Christmas Carol, The Wizard of Oz and Dracula have in common? Jennifer Brenner is about to find out. In a last-ditch effort to save the financially-strapped Bleeding Heart Academy from bleeding out, the school commissions one-time novelist (and D-list BHA alum) Jennifer Brenner to write their Christmas fundraiser – an unholy mash-up of the three most popular, and profitable, high-school plays. But saddled with a drama club that has never performed in public, high school ghosts, donor decrees, and an abundance of Madisons, the yellow brick road is looking more like a crypt. Can Jennifer slap together a brand new play while still satisfying the powers that be? This all-female farce with dynamic roles for artists ages 13 to 70 reminds us that when the world drains you of lifeblood, it’s never too late to change— and perhaps who you were meant to be was right there all along.


THE FESTIAL QUARTET (A Play.) – By David Lee White


CAST: 3F, 3M

Eighteen year old Amy was the best piano player at Festial High School. After her tragic death, her four best friends – the Festial Quartet – join their Christian youth leader, Michael, to prepare for her memorial. When Amy’s grieving mother asks Michael to save the Festial Quartet’s souls, their fragile psyches begin to crack, forcing one of them to reveal a secret she’s been harboring a year – a secret that will change everyone’s perception of adolescence, adulthood, friendship and faith.


LOST BOYS (A YA Musical) – by Kate Brennan

CAST: 4-40 F

A TYA musical developed in collaboration with young artists on the things we lose and how to find them — where the lost boys are actually girls.


MARGINALS (A play.)- by Kate Brennan

CAST: 12-24 Gender Flexible.

In a world of superhuman strength, flying and time travel, it’s hard not to feel inadequate when all you can do is make grass grow 5% faster. The School for the Marginally Magical helps the…less amazing students reach their potential, whatever it may be. When a new student immigrates to school bringing more art than practical magic, the world turns inside out. Will the students’ marginal abilities be enough to save their classmates from a horticultural nightmare, or has this stranger exposed them to a deeper shade of magic that is part of their very nature? SAVED BY THE BELL meets THE OWL HOUSE in this offbeat genderless take on how growing up in the margins doesn’t mean you can’t become something extraordinary.


TIME FREAKS (A Play.) – by David Lee White

CAST: 12-18 Gender Flexible.

A play for weird high school students and their weird teachers. Dubs and Kale are lifelong friends about to graduate from high school. When Dubs blows his only line in the school play (thus causing him endless amounts of humiliation) Kale uses her grandfather’s magic watch to take them back in time to correct Dubs’ screw up. Unfortunately, they run afoul of doppelgangers, cavemen, a crazy drama teacher, a cringey principal and the laws of time and space. When the watch breaks, time begins to fold in on itself and Dubs and Kale have to straighten it out before they blink out of existence. “Time Freaks” is a play about accepting yourself no matter how many times you mess up the space-time continuum.