ILLUMINATE – a myriodrama

Further development on Illuminate will take place in 2022-2023 through a grant from the MAP Fund.

The pandemic has affected the progress of our work, just like it has for every theatre artist. This past summer, we worked with Ignition Arts to re-conceive Illuminate as a project that could work on multiple platforms in a multitude of iterations.

24 scenes and 12 songs that can be reordered any way you choose. Our goal is for every production of Illuminate to be different and unique in order to reflect the voices of the ensemble.

Illuminate follows amnesiac Vida as she navigates a world which has been plunged into darkness. A compilation of 12 songs and 24 scenes, this narrative unfolds in flashes of past and present as Vida assembles the pieces of her fragmented reality to find the light in the darkness – and possibly – a way home. A modern day Wizard of Oz and Stranger Things meets Sleep No More and Memento, this material is a desperate ode to our times inspired by the constrained voices who are living through them.

We are currently searching for collaborative partners to help us finish the work we’ve started. If you’re a theatre educator looking for an online project that’s a little different, drop us a line. We’d love to work with you.

For more info, check out these videos from Ignition Arts’ Greg DeCandia, then for even more info, head on over to Ignition Arts’ page on Illuminate.